The Lion’s Den

June 30, 2016

This is actually happening!

Here is the plan.  We are having a 12’x24′ “shed” put next to our house.  I know.  You hear shed and think lawn mowers, tools and bikes.  I hate using this word because I always get that look.  You know.  The “You are going to make cakes in a shed?”  look.  Well that is pretty much what is going to happen.  However this sh.. we’ll just call it my studio.  My cake studio will be in a fully finished building.  Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, finished floors and walls.  The studio will have a commercial kitchen with plumbing and electric.  I will create, bake and decorate all from within.  hehehe.  Sorry, I am pretty excited about this.  We have been in talks with the Health Department for quite some time now.  Filling out forms, waiting, filling out more forms.. and waiting.  We’ve had civil engineers come out, survey our property and write up a plan for our septic.  The Health Department came out and dug up the back yard to make sure the septic plan would work.  We have had a sign in the front yard to let everyone know that we are trying to get approval from the zoning department.  We go in for our hearing on July 6th and after that we just need a permit to tie the studio’s plumbing into our septic tank.  After that.  We. Start.  O.O  For real?  We get to order the studio, which will be delivered fully assembled.  While we are waiting for that to be finished we will have the septic, plumbing and electrical set up along with the pad for the studio to sit on.  To prepare for this we have started clearing out the side of the house.  We cut down one tree ourselves and had the second tree cut down today.  Still more to do but seeing the progress makes it seem more real.